Trip #3 - December 10-17, 2013

Day 1 & 2 - Travel from LAX To Dajabon, DR

Day 3 - 12/12/13

Day 4 - 12/13/13


Trip Goals

1) To provide the appropriate surgery for Baby Carla (picture below). Baby Carla and her mom were found at a motel near the orphanage about 4 months ago. Carla suffers from Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). This disease results in decreased flexibility of the joints. Due to lack of hope and the advice of her friends, Carla's mom was going to throw her daughter away! But God had other plans. Her family is now visited by the orphanage staff and they have found a facility in the Dominican Republic that can help her. She is in need of muscle releases, tendon transfers, fusions, castings and ultimately a probable surgery. Due to legal reasons, they only have until the time that she turns 1 year old to get her visa to have her leave Haiti. We have committed $2000 whether or not the funds come in, to her treatment but additional help will be needed to make this a true and complete reality.

2) Set up the pharmacy at the new Danita's Orphanage medical clinic. There is a new area that has been designated as a pharmacy in the clinic. I will spend part of my time creating a workflow procedure and policies and procedures for the facility. Expenses will include the purchase of shelving and mechanical equipment for normal pharmacy function. We are blessed to have an IKEA within a 3-hour distance in the Dominican Republic where we will be purchasing most of the cabinetry and furniture for the pharmacy. Donation will also be used to purchase antibiotics and standard medications needed to treat the children, elderly and the sick of the local community. We are excited to provide this area with a real pharmacy where they can get legit and in-date medications. We estimate that approximately $5000 will be needed for this goal.

3) To educate missionaries and locals regarding diseases which are prevalent in their area. Diseases such as Typhoid, Dengue, Malaria and Cholera are not only common in Haiti but they can also be deadly. Pharmacy students that have completed rotations at my pharmacy have been preparing PowerPoint presentations that I will use to teach others about how to avoid and treat many of these diseases. Knowledge is power and in this case improved health. We are happy that there is no need for funds regarding this goal.

4) During our second trip to Haiti we were able to bring 3 iPads, which have been put to amazing use by those that have received them. Although most would think that an expensive device like and iPad would be a waste in Haiti, it is quite the opposite. An iPad provides: 1) An extremely effective way to provide up-to-date educational lessons to the hundreds of children that come through the orphanage, 2) A way for medical staff and missionaries to document the cases that they are working on and to communicate information regarding those cases to sponsors, 3) A way for missionaries to communicate to their loved ones in the US (One of our current missionaries is currently working with a computer that does not have fully functioning keys). Our goal is to bring at least another 3 iPads to the orphanage staff and related ministries.

5) To provide funds and continued sponsorship for two children, Kerwins and Derline, that we have worked over the past few months. Both of these children have been featured on my Facebook page and their needs are great. They have benefited from your donations in the past and we cannot wait to go back and update you on what is in their future. We are hoping to raise $500 for each child.

Thank you for your love for the people of Haiti,

Mark Gonzalez

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