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Day 3 - 12/12/13 - Crying Without Tears

It is so good to be back in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Today is the first day that I will get to see the new medical center located on the property of the orphanage. It honestly is a beacon of light in the midst of extreme poverty. The clinic has been built to standards that rival any other construction in the entire area. Finally the local community has a clinic that can provide them with the level of respect that they deserve. As I walked into the clinic the first patient that I came across was the little boy on the left. His father had brought him in as part of the baby rescue program for the second time. He was so severely dehydrated that throughout all of his crying we was unable to shed any tears. She was being cared for by Sarah who supplied her father with rehydration salts and an enriched food supplement that provided the little boy with nutritional supplementation.

Another exciting part of the clinic is the area dedicated to therapy for special needs children. The little ones in this area suffer from a variety of conditions but all are treated with respect and most importantly the moms are educated on how to care for their children at home. Children with special needs are often ignored and forgotten in Haiti. With a program like this, parents are taught to value and embrace their children as the special gifts from God that they are. The director of the program, Sarah Conque, has done an amazing job and it was an honor to see all of the advances that she has made in the lives of these amazing children.

One of our goals during this trip was to bless the missionaries of the clinic. These men and women have left their families, the comforts of home and dedicated their lives to this country and its people. We purchased Starbucks products, a Kitchen-Aid mixer and a Pizza stone with the goal of bringing a little bit of home to Haiti. Their smiles and joy filled our hearts. They are some of the most grateful and selfless individuals.

For months I have have been waiting for the moment that I could meet Baby Carla. She is the little one that you so kindly donated $2000 for so that he could get the medical care and attention that she needs. She suffers from a severe joint disease that has severely limited her movement. Today I was called back to the therapy center by Sarah to watch Baby Carla reach up with her arms for the first time. This was an accomplishment that Sarah has worked so hard for and it was a blessing to experience that moment with her. I will be highlighting her case in a couple of days for those of you that are interested in helping her through the long process of her upcoming medical care. Thank you for helping us to reach our $2,000 goal for her therapy.

The end of the day was spent taking an inventory of the medications at the new pharmacy. I was so grateful to have my friend, Pastor Sean Peters, help me with this process. We were able to start the process of creating an efficient work flow process for pharmacy operations. I am extremely thankful to PCCA for donating their amazing Pracasil and Spirawash compounding bases. This donation is easily over $8000 and it will provide amazing options for wound and dermatological care for the local community.

It was a great first day at the orphanage with much accomplished. All of this was made available by God's grace and your love and donations to this mission. Thank you