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Day 2 - 2/19/12 - Sunday At The Orphanage

We left Santiago early in the morning for the Orphanage. The weather has been great so far. In August it was hot and humid and now it is warm with much lower humidity. After the three hour bus ride we left our things at the hotel and headed off to the border by foot. After checking into Haiti we headed directly to the orphanage (a short 5 minute walk) and as we entered you could hear the amazing singing by hundreds of local Haitians that were singing praise music. On of the most touching moments for me is when I heard one of the pastors reading the 23 Psalm and I thought of the section that says "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil". Although I have heard this verse thousands of times, I have never heard it in an environment where death and suffering are so prevalent. Immediately after the service I noticed Bill on the phone speaking with another missionary and they were trying to decipher a prescription for a young woman who was ill and dehydrated after giving birth just to have her baby die after the delivery. These people walk through that valley on a daily basis and yet they were able to sing and worship with an excitement and energy that we seldom see in the US. We have so much to learn from them.

After church we had several of the Haitian staff and their families line up for pictures. This little girl on the left is one of 5 children. Her family situation is very unique. Out of all 6 members of her family, she is the only one that has vision. All of her siblings and her mother are blind and she leads them all to church and around town. I can not imagine that she is any older than 5. A picture of her whole family can be found below.

The border closes early on Sunday so we spent the rest of the day touring the facilities and looking at the new hospital that is being built. They have asked me participate in planning the layout of the pharmacy, so all of you pharmacy friends I may be giving you a call to get ideas. They will need a team in the future to help set up policies and procedures to keep them up to par with pharmacies in the US. Tomorrow is clinic day and I am excited to work on cases that we have been discussing over the past few months.

Church services are full of intense preaching and great music.

Bibles in Haiti are a luxury. Most are used until they are completely torn apart.

This is the blind family that is led by the little girl in the yellow dress.

With your donations we were able to purchase the missionaries 5 rounds of typhoid vaccine shown above.

My dad meeting with one of the older children at the orphanage.

My mom showing the kids her latest apps on the iPhone.

Me and Peterson meet again. He is a real blessing and his caretakers love him!

One of the iPads we purchased was for the amazing nurse at the orphanage, Emily. There are several apps that I hope she can purchase to make her job a little bit easier and more efficient. She will also be able to purchase medical books and have them all on one device.