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Day 3 - 2/20/12 - Clinic Day

The picture on the left took on extra meaning when I realized that this was one of the 13 boys that just two weeks ago was sleeping in a tent, naked at a local orphanage that was recently closed down. Two weeks ago he was hungry and now he can lick the bowl clean and even go back for seconds. He had no clothes and no food and now he has both. What a difference a supportive orphanage can make. So many people in this country fight to get the little food that they can afford. It is such a blessing to see the children at Danita's orphange worry about simple things instead of where their next meal is going to come from.

Today was a great day for the four of us. All of us went our separate ways and worked in different parts of the orphanage.

Erin spent a good amount of her time with some of the new boys who did not seem to get enough of her attention. When you think about where they came from, that is easy to understand.

My dad worked with Bill to fix a few things around the girls house. They had been without water for 24 hours and they worked throughout the day to replace the water pump and finally get things running. They crossed the border three times to find the parts and equiptment necessary to finish the job.

My mom spent her time with some of the hidden heroes of the orphanage, the kitchen staff. They prepare thousands of meals a week inside of a hot kitchen. As I snuck up to take this picture you could hear them singing as they cut the okra for our next meal.

I spent my time with Nurse Emily in the clinic. She is such an inspiration. Within the first 15 minutes we worked on several different cases that were totally unrelated. She has no idea of what she is going to see on a daily basis, but whoever walks in has her love and attention. The gentleman above recently started coming into the clinic after his foot infection got to the point where he lost most of his toes.

Thanks to a generous donation from PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) we were able to use the new Occlusaderm base which forms a film of medication on the area where it is applied. We used the base and some cream that we were able to make from olive oil and purified water and we added medications that increase tissue growth as well as antibiotics. Other cases we worked on included patients with localized pain which we treated with topical anti-inflammatories, breast chaffing due to breast feeding and topical fungal infections. I can not wait to work with her again!

On of our wound care patients which we call the "Old Man" came in for his wound dressing change. He had been avoiding church because he felt that his clothes were not good enough for him to attend. A generous donor back east, Michael Cooper donated the money for us to buy him new pants and a new shirt. I also had the chance to give him a copy of a picture of himself from my last visit. Emily said that she believed it was the first time he had ever seen a picture of himself.

Throughout the day we also went around the orphanage and passed out copies of pictures that we took during our last visit. This little boy is holding up a picture of himself and Carly Peters.

One of my son's favorite books is his Action Bible. We passed out a few copies.

Before we knew it the day was over and it was time to cross over the border back into the Dominican Republic. Tomorrow will be one of our busiest days of the trip and we are looking forward to it.