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Day 4 - 12/13/13 - Before & After

Haiti is the first mission field in my life that I have had the pleasure of returning to on 3 different occasions. I am always excited to visit and be a part of this amazing culture but I am even more blessed to the the progression of what God is doing in the lives of those orphans that live at the Danita's Children orphanage.

In August of 2011 our group of visitors was asked to be part of a 24 hour hospital watch team that was to go and stay with Rafaelise, a young boy that had been brought from the orphanage to the Dominican Republic for medical care. Even in the Dominican Republic, hospitals will not provide food or medication. They just provide a location for patients to be monitored in a safe environment. Rafaelise was not doing well and it saddended us to watch him suffer. The first picture to the left was taken during that first visit.

Today we found Rafaelise playing after school (2nd picture on the left). He had grown and looked better than ever. What I love about Danita's ministry is the fact that in a place where hopelessness is the standard these children have the ability and most importantly the support and love to thrive even through difficult and sometimes untreatable sickness. Rafaelise is testament to the vision of this orphanage.

The rest of the day was spent focused on Training. On of my trip objectives was to train hospital staff (physicians, technicians, dentists, etc. . . the art and science of compounding. What I loved about this process was the fact that all of these professionals worked together during their training to help each other during the process. In the US many health care professionals operate independently but it is through unity of care that we are always able to make the biggest differences.

During our Training we focused on making three basic pharmaceutical preparations: Oral suspensions, Topical Creams and Suppositories. This will allow these professionals to improve the level of care they provide those patients that may be unable to use commercially available medications. It will also allow them to formulate medications when they may not be available at local pharmacies.

The training was a blast and they all did extremely well. I am excited to continue these relationships over the years as the clinic grows and I am thankful for all of the modes of easy communication afforded to us through social media. The thought of a team of health care professionals communicating over thousands of miles through Facetime to solve a patient problem still is something that blows me away.

It is through willing and able men and women like the ones I trained that this country will be able to turn the corner one day.

At the end of the day I was able to witness an amazing sunset while the older boys of the orphanage played a game of soccer.