In August of 2011 I had the opportunity to visit the Danita's Children's orphanage in Ounaminthe, Haiti. The experience was amazing! I worked with a local nurse at the orphanage and taught her a few basic compounding skills with the hopes of helping some of the special needs kids. These children suffer from serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple schlerosis and hydrocephalus. On top of that, they live in the poorest country in our hemisphere. Now that I have seen the need I have a better understanding of what still needs to be done.

This upcoming February I will be turning 40 years old. To celebrate I need your help, not because I am going to officially be "over the hill", but because I am trying to raise at least $40,000 by my birthday to donate to orphanage. I know this seems like a lot to raise in a little over 100 days, but I feel confident that it can happen because I believe that God does not give us goals that we can not reach.

Here are a few things that I would like to raise the money for:

1)Create a $5,000 fund to be used to obtain emergency medications for orphans in need.

2)Purchase $2,500 worth of learning aids, tools and toys that are specifically designed to be used by the orphans with special needs (cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, etc . . .).

3)$5,000 to purchase iPads for the school, orphanage and administrative staff. Allowing them to teach, be taught, and communicate efficiently and effectively.

4)$2,500 to provide professional photos for all of the 600 children that attend the school at the orphanage. Many of the families of these children do not have even one photograph of their child.

5)$5,000 to provide basic diagnostic equipment and electronic equipment for documentation and processing for the orphanage clinic.

6)$2,000 to provide "Chicken Runs" for local families. A chicken run is when the orphanage blesses a local family with a weeks supply of chicken, rice, beans and oil. The average Haitian family eats just a few full meals a week. This amount of money would provide enough food for 100 families.

7)$1,000 in iTunes and Apple gift cards to provide the school and orphanage with the freedom of purchasing educational and administrative application/programs as they see fit.

8)$5,000 to be split amongst the missionary staff at the orphanage for projects that they would like to start within the facility and/or the local community

6)$2,000 for additional supplies and medications we plan to take to the facility as well as orphanage needs that will be determined during our visit. These may include materials for the repair of the facilities, an ice cream party for the children, etc . . . If there is anything left over from this amount at the end of the trip, it will be donated as cash.

7)$10,000 cash to donate directly to the orphanage general fund.

8)If I am blessed enough to raise extra funds it will be split between cash for the operations of the orphanage and sponsorship money for unsponsored children.

I was approached by many after my trip asking if there was a way that they would be able to give if I ever returned. More than ever I feel this is an amazing organization and any help that you are able to give will go a long long way! If you are unable to give financially I would ask that you pray for this cause.

Thank you for your time and care,

Mark Gonzalez

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