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It amazes me everytime I learn about the amount of corruption there is associated with funds donated to Haiti. I wanted to make sure that this entire process was completely transperant with where the funds are and how they will be spent. Below is a list of all of the expenses associated with donations made to FortybyForty.

Prior to Trip

$646 spent on compounded excipients and nutritional items

$2102.97 for the purchase of three 32GB iPads and 2 wireless keyboards for the orphanage school and clinic nurse

$92.00 spent on concentrated nutritional agents (Vit A & D)

$400 spent on Apple Store gift cards for the purposes of purchasing educational apps and medical apps for the iPads

$125 for the shipment of a new water pump on Copa Airlines for the orphanage well

During Trip

$7.80 for the Ice cream party supplies (Cups and Spoons) for the orphanage.

$1122.33 on Water Pump for Lamb of God Orphanage

$44.50 for Supplies for Baby Derline (formula/food/diapers) that we will deliver tomorrow.

$85 for ice cream party for the orphanage.

$400 To Mya for Roberto to have food and supplies for one year post surgery.

$27 for pait medication (Tramadol) for Miriam Center

$124 for Chicken Run Rice and Beans

$80 for Chickens for chicken run

$200 for Food and supplies for Good Samaritan Senior Home

$20 for supplies for Chris-t-Jerry and Pepito (Baby Supplies)

$900 given to Brittany for Baby rescue program

$300 Donation To Missionary Brittany

$300 Donation To Missionary Hope

$300 Donation To Missionary Bill

$300 Donation To Missionary Danita

$300 Donation To Missionary Karris

$300 Donation To Missionary Emily

$300 Donation To Missionary Brenda

$200 for Additional Supplies to Bon Samaritan Senior Home

$1000 fund for Future Chicken runs

$119.34 Covers for iPads and Glass protector

$206.44 Shipment of Supplies To Heather Meyer for delivery to Haiti

$500 For Future Emergency Health Flights

$208.15 Pictures For Danitas Children Haitian Staff

$467.73 Vaccines Typhoid and Hepatitis

$700 To the Miriam Center in North Haiti for Support of Missionary Heather Meyer

$1156.26 to Fundraisingcoffee.com for Haitian Coffee to resell for additional support

$478.53 Purchase of Typhoid and Tetanus vaccine for Orphanage

$24.90 for purchase of 3 domain names for the Good Samaritan Ministry

$170 Glucose Meter and Strips for Good Samaritan Ministry

$59.88 Fed Ex Shipping of Vaccines for deliver to Danita's Children Ministry

$531.07 Supplies for Artwork to be resold for Danitas Children Ministry

$12.50 Chloroquine For Brittany Hilker (Danitas Children Missionary)

$478.53 Vaccines For Danitas Children Clinic and Lamb of God Orphange

$400 for Missionary to the Miram center for Heather Meyer

$500 for the Miriam Center for Diapers, Food and Medicine